Problems to use the activity custom input does not read the html properly

the html from the browser works correctly, but I have many problems to correct the necessary code to send the collected data to the user.rangofechu.html (2.2 KB)

Hi @Renenobal

Can you elaborate on the problems you’re having with the form information?

The activity does not work correctly with the html code, it needs the html code to be corrected, I think it is necessary to do it in each of the html to work, that’s what I think after reviewing the uipath activities guide for this activity

almost 24 hours with the problmea and I still have not been able to solve

The issue is in the javascript function.

At line 51 you have: var Busca = document.getElementById("busqueda").value;
This returns the value of the div, in this case i believe it would be a string of the inputs in the div.

You are probably looking for whether the ‘radRango’ input is selected. To do this switch “busqueda” to “radRango”.

Hopefully this helps

thank you very much, what I try the way you proposed, but unfortunately it does not work correctly