Problems sending Outlook email in StudioX using Microsoft Surface Pro

Has anyone encountered performance issues when running StudioX on a Microsoft Surface Pro, particularly with sending Outlook emails? We have a team member with a Surface Pro who is having trouble sending Outlook emails on his Surface Pro. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It is very inconsistent with no rhyme or reason behind it. The error message is something like “RDS server can’t be reached”. The activity/process runs fine on my machine and others’ so we are trying to pinpoint if it’s a processing speed issue or something else related to the Surface Pro. Note: other MS applications run fine (Excel, Word, etc.). Any/all feedback welcome! Thanks!

seems like a server connectivity issue and not the laptop.

RDS server could not be reached is the reason the services doesn’t get connected to server and hence task is not fulfilled. the Infra team can understand the reason for that, on why that disconnection happens. Event viewer will surely give you more info on this issue.

Check the services used are whitelisted.

It looks like we might have resolved this issue. See recommended steps below by the UiPath Support team. Disabling ad-ins & leaving the Outlook app open while running the bot seemed to work.

It has been a known issue in .NET development circles that there is an issue with “RPC Server is unavailable” errors when opening Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer) programmatically. As UiPath is built on top of the same fundamental .NET components, we see the issue as well.

Whenever outlook application is busy when bot is trying to send the mail because of opening and loading all of its COM Add-ins then this type of error could occur.
In order to troubleshoot, try the below approaches:-

  1. Outlook/Help/Check for Updates.- Check for any updates and install the updates.
  2. If (1) fails , It may be easier to adopt the work around to repair the Outlook environment. - Online repair from the Control panel
  3. Disable all other Outlook add-ins: Outlook Tools menu | Options | Other tab | Advanced Options | COM Add-Ins | uncheck the items. If this solves the problem, then re-enable one add-in at a time until the problem reappears. It could be one of the add-in which get launched when outlook event starts.
  4. For Example: Screenshot of Add-ins
  5. If all the above not worked then reinstall the outlook.
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