Problems running processes after upgrade to 2018.1


This morning UiPath updated to 2018.1 automatically, which caused ALL of my old workflows to fail.

The issues is as this:
I have a workflow that opens a IE browser, logs into a system and in the output field of the open browser activity, it sets the browser object to an argument called “browser”…
When i run the flow, the browser opens, logs into the system with the type into and click activities- which is working fine - but when it should pass the browser object to the argument - it fails with following error:
An error has occured
Source: Newtonsoft.Json
Message: Error getting value from ‘Element’ on ‘UiPath.Core.Browser’.
Exception Type: JsonSerializationException
Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Error getting value from ‘Element’ on ‘UiPath.Core.Browser’. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Uninitialized UI node.

Now, if i try to REPRODUCE this error from a NEWLY created project(Created with 2018.1) - with the sole purpose of reproducing this error, by duplicating the steps in the original process(Open IE(set output of that activity to an argument as in the original process), type into, click activities) its not failing.

This is an issue for every “project” i have that works with IE and the browser object.

I tried to uninstall the “UiPath.Core.Activities” - did not change anything.
I closed ALL processes related to UiPath and restarted machine and started UiPath up again - did not change anything.

The only option i have at this point, is to recreate all of my processes, which would be quite time consuming.

Does anyone have a fix for this?
Can you roll UiPath back to previous version?
Can you disable automatic updates?

Thanks in advance.
Henrik Petersen

can you upload the 2017.1 xaml, just with the activities that are failing, not all of them. I will try it myself meanwhile.

i can repro this with 2017.1 too, though.

Main.xaml (6.1 KB)

I’ve attached the XAML that fails… Right now, its ONLY opening a browser and trying to pass the browser object to an argument.

yes, that is the problem. but this was happening in 17.1 too, its not something new, introduced in 2018.1. would be interesting to find what version you had before the update, when it worked.
now, another question is: why would you use an argument as Output and not use it afterwards, invoked in another wf?

Hi Gabriel,

I did not have this problem before UiPath updated to 2018.1 this morning.
If this was not a 2018.1 problem - please explain me what the issue is, so i can fix it.

The reason for using the browser as an output argument in this WF, is i have to work with that browser in later workflows.
This is a very general WF i use to open webpages - that takes variables, such as URL, user, pw etc. I simplified the workflow, as the error was only in the browser object.
This means i can reuse this in later processes - and from other workflows, i can be sure I’m attaching to the correct browser - when I’m using this workflow to open IE.

if you will reuse that argument later, invoked in another workflow, you will not see this error. it happens only when the argument is not used, later.
try this (4.8 KB)

run jjjj.xaml first, then try main.xaml