Problems opening up automation files while running parallels


I am trying to open my UI Path automations by clicking “open” on the main UI Path page, but I am getting an error message back which reads “The network name cannot be found” (see attached image).

I am currently running Parallels (a virtual emulator) on my mac in order to use UI Path. When I had the free version of parallels, I was able to access my folders through the UI Path main page, but ever since I started using the paid version of parallels, I have not been able to open UI Path automations through the main page. Instead, I have to go to my file explorer and open up the windows.XamlDocument file from there.

Additionally, when I run automations with “read range” activity, the automation will return an error saying it is unable to find the workbook.

Has anyone who uses parallels on a mac run into this issue of not being able to open up automation files?

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what are your sharing options in Parallels? You can find them by clicking Preferences > Options > Sharing

I can imagine that your problem stems from having the “Share folders” option set to “None”. If you have saved your UiPath projects somewhere in your home folder (this includes Desktop/Documents/…), then your VM won’t be able to access them.

Try shutting down the VM and setting the option to “Home folder only” - as you can see on my screenshot.

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