Problems managing processes from the orchestrator and UiPath Assistant

Hi all
I can’t get the processes to appear in UiPath Assistant:

Also, if I try to run the process from the orchestrator, the process has error, but running it from the studio i have no problem. The process is the classic “Hello World”. I’m just trying to connect studio-orchestrator-Assistant, which before the last update worked perfectly with all my processes.

The environment and the robot are well configured and linked…


Can you share the orchestrator settings screenshot?


Hi @Srini84, thank you for the quick response.

in the following screenshot I show the robot linked to the environment of “My Environment”. I have configured the robot “unattended” to be able to create a Job that would allow me to execute the process from the orchestrator:

This is the process:

and the errors:


can you share the error log from the job which are faulted?

Also share the assistant-> Orchestrators setting screenshot also


Yes, of course. Assistant->Orchestrator Settings:

and the error:


thank you again


Can you give the url as

Refer below documentation

Hope this helps