Problems in provisioning Robot

Hi guys.

I use the community version of the studio, but I can not provision any thefts. The error is that it exceeds the number of licenses, but I have not provisioned any thefts.
Can someone tell me the way. help!

Change the “Type” from “Nonproduction” to “Development”. Community is limited to 2 development licenses.

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Hi @Tyler_Williams

Thank you for the answer, but it did not work. He says that I do not have a license anymore, I used it to do the training, but now I want to do some tests and I can not do it. I can not even finish Lv 3 because these errors appear. :sob:

Is there a solution?

That would mean you already have used both licenses to provision other Robots through Orchestrator. You can remove them if they are no longer needed but you won’t be able to provision more than 2 (unique domain\usernames at a time).

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GO to Setting > License Tab and check Licence, which Licence do you have

and select for that


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sorry if I’m saying wrong thing, it’s that I’m still in the learning phase … so no robot appears in the orchestrator.


Is that in the orchestrator itself? I went into settings and did not find this option. Can you tell me the complete path from where I should go?

Are you sure you are on community edition? You don’t have any licenses available according to your screenshots and it shows licenses have been uploaded (doesn’t show as unregistered like my community edition). In the lower left of the page does it look similar to below?


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Thanks @Tyler_Williams
I thought I needed to send it the license even though I was community. I removed the license from the orchestrator and it worked normally.

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I guessed that would be the fix but never having uploaded a license myself I didn’t want to suggest clicking remove before being certain it wasn’t another version (enterprise, trial, etc.). Glad it is working for you now!

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Thanks :wink: