¿Problems hiding Internet Explorer? ¡Light Browser for hidden automations is here to help!

Let me announce you the release in the WPFInteractive of a new feature called Light Browser. It’s an embedded IE that supports all Internet Explorer versions from 7 to 11, you can choose which one to use.


This Light Browser adds the feature of a real hidden and non-intefering browser window navigation if all your navigation can be made via Simulate or Send Windows Messages.

We have seen in some of our customers that the normal IE with the property Hidden set to true can be interfered via events such as Move Window, Maximize, or even Attach Window and the Window blinks or reappears. It’s also conditionated to JavaScript events of window resizing or movements.

With this light and simple browser the effect will dissapear. You can use it similarly that you do with Internet Explorer (use recoder, capture selectors, etc…).

Thanks to the UiPath product team, this browser could be attachable using Attach Browser as soon as the 2021.4 version of UiAutomation will be released, but I can provide you a beta version right now if you need it. If you use full selectors you can use it without the help of this package.