Probleming using Get Visible Text when reading PDF

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I am developing an automation that was running just fine, but suddenly it started to give an error that never happened before in this specific workflow. It happens only when I try to use Get Visible Text to read a chunck of text in a pdf that opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader and that the Read PDF Activity is unable to extract. When I use GVT in the desktop, for example, it works just fine.

Error Problem_GVT

Hi @marcoaurel95
get visible text activity depicts the Native text pdf read with read ocr pdf activity and not read pdf text activity, i think thats why it was showing error, try with Read OCR pdf activty buddy and that would work, not only for this issue’s reason behind but in common thats better because sometimes our pdf may come in scanned pdf form or a native pdf, and if we use read pdf text it can handle only native pdf, while if we read ocr pdf activity it can handle both the native and scanned pdf,…may be your current pdf might have become scanned thats why showing sudden error…so for betterment always go with read pdf ocr unless if its not stable with input being a native pdf which can handled with read pdf text activity…Thats all buddy you are done

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Any Solution found. please help same issue here

Is the PDF application opened in foreground with a START PROCESS activity and then is Get Visible activity placed

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Yes, capture time error is coming. it works with acrobat 18 version and not with acrobat 19 version
acrobat version which i advisable version by UIpath

go for this version pls