Problemas para Automatizar en Quiter

Hello friends, I have a question, someone knows if it is possible to automate processes with because every time I start a process, the clicks go anywhere and it is impossible to do any sequence. someone who has some information.

El problema continua si alguien tiene alguna opinión al respecto sería de mucha ayuda.


Can you give us a recording and some logs of what is happening :slight_smile: Personally I have not used that application so just out of the box I have no idea of what is wrong.

@loginerror I do think this is not a StudioX specific issue and I can not find the driver / UIA category because I this this is some work for them :slight_smile:



Hello, thank you very much for your answer and for taking part of your time to want to help, then I am going to send you a video in which it is shown that the robot does not click where it belongs or simply does not click, I hope you understand the video any questions please ask me a question. size 5 mb cant send.

this document shows the current fault.

englishquiterfalla.docx|attachment](upload://4rJROWkgKyf2GXUo4hL57AiQFoa.docx) (1.0 MB)