Hello friends, I have a problem that I would like to share with you and see if we can get the solution, the problem is that at the time of publishing a project in the orquetador (because it is an attended robot) and I want to create a notification in ui assistant , I get an error that says “Error. Publication of the project Process. An error occurred”.

thanks for your time …: D

Check this Post

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good night friend, sorry but I did not understand the solution you gave me :frowning:

I already did that from the beginning and the problem still exists

Very strange. Does your Assistant have Orchestrator marked Connected? I had similar problems, once it was because I was selecting a different folder on my Orchestrator, another time I was only able to correct it after redoing my machine settings and generating a new machine key.

Again I had to reinstall Uipath Studio.

I’m thinking of reinstalling and seeing if the problem is fixed.

Try this and redo the steps Connecting Robots to Orchestrator

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