I have a one problem please resolve it…

i have two sequence with same name with Fatch name and conacts which is copy of another

problem is that…
when i am executing separatly this is executing properly

But when i am trying to run with the queue of open browser sequence its not working, its just giving exception for get OCR text


please give me a solution

Hard to tell without seeing what’s inside those boxes but my guess is that the attach you’ve used for one or the selectors are slightly different.

Hi there @bitubawankar,
Would you be able to provide your solution, so we can review it?

Alternatively, as pointed out by @richarddenton, can you expand upon what is within each sequence?

It is likely that the UIElement is not in the state you expect it to be on post completion of “Data scraping”, so “Fatch name and conacts” is failing.

When running it in isolation, it is in the expected state, because you set it up as expected.