Problem working with multiple browser tabs

Hi guys,

I have a very simple process that opens a web browser and perform some “type into” activities, very basic automation but my problem arise when I open a new tab with the same URL and try to use the same “type into” that I used on the previous tab…

example :

– Bot goes to : and type into HELLO in search box
– Bot creates new tab with URL
– Bot goes to new tab just created
– here the problem, the Bot cannot type HELLO in search box of the tab he is currently in, what he does instead he goes back to the first tab and type HELLO again… I even tried to use a 5 seconds delay in case the bot had no time to see the selector it must type into in the new tab but it does not matter the bot goes back to the 1st tab regardless of any delay…

What can I do to teach the bot that the search box of the new tab is where I want him to type into and to not go back to the 1st tab ?

I did a version for uipath

my first send hotkey opens a new tab
my second send hotkey switch to right tab
The chrome extension that does this for me is AutoControl

Main2.xaml (16.7 KB)

And like I explained previously the result is this


Before using a type into activity with new tab use ATTACH BROWSER activity

Where indicate that new browser tab as browser page and inside that attach browser keep your type into activity so that it won’t go back to the previous tab

Cheers @kaiji_San

Main2.xaml (14.3 KB)

Can you tell me what I’ve missed because I got same result as earlier, I must have made a mistake