Problem with While Loops

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When using While Loops if an exception occurs, how can we skip the problem record (could be an excel or a Database record) and move on to the next one instead of breaking the flow …I know that the for-loop gives continue or break options, but how to does this work with while loops

the continue on error property, if set to True seems to copy the data from the above row/cell into the problem cell, which I think is absurd as the data is wrong …any idea how to deal with this problem …

Appreciate your Support

What problems are you expecting? Is it null? or any other known type?
In which case you could use a if condition, like execute the steps/block only if it meets or does not meet the condition.

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Hi @Hara_Gopal

We can do it based on flag like condition of flag =“Skip”

Like that


HI @Hara_Gopal

To add to what @sawaseem mentioned, You can also introduce a try catch activity within the loop to handle such errors like nulls or any other depending on the scenario. However, if you could give us few more info on what type of error you are referring to, may be we can come up with a better suitable option to handle those.