Problem with UiPaht Studio auto recorder

While on the UiPath Studio recorder, pressing esc to stop recording exits the recording, but does not record.
Can you help me with this.

Thank you

Hi @MarceloPassadore

which type of recording are you using? Is it Basic, Desktop, Web or Image?

The steps taken up by me are:

  1. Selected Recording → Desktop. (Desktop Recording screen is shown)
  2. Click on “Record” button on screen.
  3. I press F2 or ESC the recording paused. Recording is paused for 3 seconds when F2 is pressed. But pressing ESC recording is paused and can be resumed only after clicking Record button again.
  4. Clicking on “Record” resumes recording
  5. Clicking on “Save & Exit” (or pressing ESC again) saves selected work flows and add those sequence.


Very thank, Latika10011740.

Selecting esc or F2 does not record.
Selecting esc closes the open windows. It never reaches the save option (it is still disabled).

Will I have to reinstall UiPaht Studio?



If it is not problem with close or recording can you uninstall Uipath and re install it once.


I already solved. Thank you very much