Problem with UI in Server

Hello! I need your help. We are working with servers to put the robots there, specifically Windows Server 2016. It works correctly as long as we have the remote desktop open (we use different user accounts), but once it is minimized or closed it goes into sleep mode and stops interacting with the remote desktop. UI so the robot stops working. Can someone help or guide me. Thanks a lot for your time

Just Set the Sleep Timings of the Remote Desktop to Infinite.

On the remote machine Go to

Control Panel → Hardware → Power Options → Edit Plan Settings → and Set the Turn Off Display setting to Never

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There are a number of conditions to be met for unattended robots to work, but let’s start from the most obvious items:

  1. is your Robot installed in Service Mode?
  2. is your machine provisioned Orchestrator side with an unattended runtime?
  3. is the user configured to have the necessary windows credentials? (to create the windows session)

Thanks for your time! The problem isn’t the robot, the problem is the Server Configuration because not working if the screen is hide. All is working while RDT is open and maximize.

We got it to work when we minimize RDT, but when we close RDT the robot still doesn’t work. I do not know what else to do.

This is why I put item (1) first: if your robot host process is running in user space instead of in service mode, there are no running process to receive the Orchestrator job when the session is closed.

Hello @Adrian_Romero
Were you able to get your setup to work?

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