Problem with the keyboard shortcut

Hello guys. Here is my problem.

I made some text to be inserted in some checkbox. After i need to change font and size of letters. To do it i used keyboard shortcut CTRL+A, but its not working each time. Some times its not highliting text, its just pastes some “a” letter in my text instead. I really dont know how i can fix that.

Can somebody suggest, please? :sleepy:

Hi @maksustuyanov,

Welcome to UiPath Community!

If you are using Type Into Activity there is a property called “Empty before” use that to clear the existing text.

If it doesnt work every time, you can use a do while loop to verify the text from the checkbox

  1. in the do while loop
    a) type into box
    b) read text in the box,
    c) if text from box is not = input text, go back to step a)

you can also throw an exception if it doesnt work after e,g. 10 tries