Problem with ST-USG-009 rule

Hello friends!

I’ve been using the Workflow analyzer lately, and I’ve notice a problem with ST-USG-009 rule.

Mainly that this rule is violated when I use variables to map arguments from one Workflow to another.
Should I switch the way that I map values from one workflow to another, or should this rule be changed in some way?

Isn’t the rule saying not that you have a mapping issue, but that you are mapping to a variable that is consequently not used in your workflow?

Yes exactly, the variable job is to map from one workflow value to another, so It is used in someway

Yes, but once it is mapped, is the variable used in any subsequent activity? if not, it will be classed as ‘unused’. For why would you map to something for no follow on purpose?

how else am I going to switch arguments from one Workflow to another?

In one workflow I am getting PDF number pages and in other I am using that information to separate PDF file