Problem with Silverlight


I’ve built an automation that logs on to a Silverlight webpage and does some searching there and then gets the result in a table. I can retrive the first line of data and store it in a datatable and then write it to an excel file but how do I get the next row in the Silverlight table?

Would the table scrape activity work for you? It’s set up to grab everything from the datatable, including interacting with any next buttons for paginated tables, right out of the box.

You can access it by opening the data scrape tool and selecting the table on the web page. UiPath should detect that it’s a table automatically and take you through the wizard, leaving you with a single activity.

Hi. I’ve tried that but it doesn’t work since it’s a silverlight table I get an error message that I have to use silverlight automation or something. So I installed the extensions but that didn’t help much

Anyone have any solution for getting data table from Silverlight? I only get one row from the whole table