Problem with Send Hotkey

We have a problem with several bots specifically with this activity (Send Hotkey), for example when we do a “ctrl + f” it gives us the following error running the bots from the orchestrator.

Desktop Has been disconnected while performing ui action

The only way it works is by being logged in on the corresponding machine.

Thanks in advance!

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You are probably just closing the RDP window, leaving the session connected. You can’t do that. You have to LOG OUT from the session so the session is completely closed, then Orchestrator will establish the session it needs.

I logged out from the virtual machine and then run the process from the web of the orchestrator. The machine is connected to the orchestrator.

This was working fine until last week with Send Hotkey activity.

You specifically clicked the Windows/Start icon in the lower left, clicked the account icon, and Sign Out?

Do you have other things connecting to this server?

If I signed out the orchestrator send me an alert that the robot is disconnected.

#robot VDI(mail-attended) disconnected. (#1222)

If it is running good in following conditions:

  • I am logged on VM and can see the page infront of me.
  • Process is started on VM and I have just minimised the VM, and not closed it.

But when the VM is not actively open, and the process is trigerred from orchestrator it is failing.

That’s not how you run unattended Jobs.

What does “it is failing” mean? What’s the error message?

What does “it is failing” mean? What’s the error message?

Desktop Has been disconnected while performing ui action

Sounds like someone or something else is interrupting that server/session.

@comdatos Just to get more clarity, is it an ongoing process and you are facing the issue recently?

If yes, can you please confirm whether any update has happened in the uipath platform?


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Check with these troubleshooting steps and let us know if you are facing any issue

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