Problem with screen scraping

Does anyone know what activity can I use when Screen scraping fails?
I have to get text from the screen below, but it’s not possible because I can’t mark targeted area.


Is it possible to use some kind of reading data from image?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic

Try using the Get Attribute Activity. If you are not able to mark the specific area try marking the whole page or larger area. In Get Attribute Activity select Attribute as InnerText and save the output in a variable. Output the variable to see the ouput. Another attribute which can be used is innerHTML. To get required information use string manipulation techniques (regex).

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic
Try to use get text activity,if you are unable to select the screen check whether the application you are using is java based.If so you have to add a plug in to select the elements on the screen.

Application from which I have to get data is developed using gwt. Does that mean that I have to do some special settings to make screen selection possible?

I assume GWT means google web tool kit.It does not require a additional plugin. You can use Uiexplorer to check what are the selector available in the UI.If you are unable to get the selector,you can use image automation/CV automation

But, am I supposed to add Java plug in?

if its not a java application ,java plugin is not required.You can identify whether its a Java application while launching the app Java Logo appears