Problem with Refresh Page


I have a grid with some default data loaded, user will apply some filter & click on refresh. The next action should wait till the refresh is completed & grid is loaded with fresh data (or no data). The page is locked ie hour glass is shown till the refresh. I tried using image exists, but not working.

I cannot put delay because amount of time taken to load the data is not fixed.

Any ideas or solutions ?


after refresh button clicked, just see if refresh button is in disabled mode.
If yes then you can use get attribute to see button is enabled or disabled.

Basically, you need to wait for elements to became enabled and for that use get attribute.


The button is not disabled, page lock mechanism is used by showing a pre-loader (hour glass). So enable/disable property cannot be checked. Imageexists also doesnt work. Any other options


When page is in disabled mode, there will be some tag which is extra or will not be there while page is loaded you can see that,