Problem with quiz, not counting correct answers

I’ve only now on part 3 on academy, but in both quizzes on part 1 and 2 I’ve experienced some problems with the quiz.
I have passed both tests(obviously, with 80%), but when checking answers afterwards to see what was wrong, I have green marks on all questions, and no red ones(experienced a fail on first try), indicating I should have gotten 100%, but still its giving 0 points even with right answer and green mark besides(applying on both one choice or multiple choice questions).


It doesnt show if you didnt check all correct answers. As example, if a and c are both correct, and you mark only c, you will get a green tick beside it but it will not show anything about a and the answer is incorrect (since its not complete).


Ok, seemed to be happening also with single answer questions, but I was in a too hurry to see then. This was not a problem at Quiz 3 atleast :slight_smile:
So I guess it’s supposed to be like that, but why cant they give the correct answer instead? As the quiz is already completed and passed when you can check the answers

I have this problem on and off with different quizzes. I just finished 10, where I missed one question and got 70%, and then retook it missed no questions and got 90%. It doesn’t happen all the time. But as I’ve gotten in the habit of retaking quizzes, since I know I’m going to forget the information if I don’t reinforce it, I see it with some frequency.

Check the score for each question. The multiple choice ones can have only green marks but a score of 0 cause you didn’t get all the right choices checked. If the question is right you should get a score of like 1000 or something.

I just look at the score below the question, not the green marks, because, as you’ve probably also noticed that the multiple choice questions sometimes show red x’s next to choices unanswered, sometimes not.
As long as I know I’m learning something the score doesn’t really bother me (although it will when it comes time to take the final!), since I keep taking the tests over and over anyway.

Hello all. I am taking the Level 1 - Foundation Training. Very nice training. Congrats :slight_smile:

And indeed the root cause seems to be that not filling in all correct multiple choice options:

  • Shows green checkboxes (suggests all is okay)

  • But does not give any points.

Unfortunately the Quizzes in this training do not indicate the score per question, so there is no way to learn which question/answer you got wrong.

Additionally, on the “Quiz-Test Completed” page, it would be great to include on screen the date and time of when the last test was taken.