Problem with password in the workflow


I am using the test workflow to see the TaxID uising the write line.

When running the workflow this error appear,

I have out all the arguements value and unable to find out where is the issue.

Here is the test workflow.
TestWorkflowTemplate.xaml (7.8 KB)

We need your entire zipped Project folder in order to validate this.

open System1_Login workflow and check the password variable use locations. check the variable scope and change it parent sequence and try.

Check the scope of “password” variable in your workflow.


Here is the zipped file (2.5 MB)

Hope that you guys can help me out. I am actually having trouble with the TaxID in the InvokeSystem1_ExtractVendorInformation workflow, so I am thinking of using the test workflow to print out how does the TaxID looks like and adjust accordingly.

Thanks for the hint

I have just remove the password variable in my workflow and it can pass through the activity but the error now is in System1_NavigatetoWIDetails workflow.

The WorkItem_ID is an interger, so when in the argument should I need to convert it to string.

Just a guess, but I think you want CInt(TaxID), and not CInt("WIID"), since the latter attempts to convert string literal “WIID” to an integer, which cannot be done.


Seem like the workflow can run successfully without any error.

But when I click on the output it indicate Please. May I know what does it mean?

And also I could not get the TaxID using the writeline activity.

Anyone what does it mean for this message?


You created a package and connected with the orchestrator

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,

What do you mean by package?

The workflow is connected to orchestractor to get the login and credential for the ACME website.

The workflow purpose is to get the TaxIS value but I cannot find it even I run the workflow without any error message.

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