Problem with opening workflow via UiRobot

Hi folks,

I have a painful problem and desperately looking for the solution.

The main problem is the waiting time between Main.xaml of REframework and Process.xaml. It is at least 20 sec. The process file is small (100 KB) and contains only Invoke workflow, assign and decisions.
The argument of the Process workflow is Config(small), one-row table TransactionItem, One small table(several rows and 3 columnt) and a couple of strings and int32 variables. Overall 12 arguments.
I am using the 2019.4.4 Enterprise Edition and newest activities.
The Runtime machine has 32GB of RAM and I7 processor.

The biggest trouble is that robot after 5-7 items can’t enter the Process.xaml at all. It is not going forward and blocking the whole machine.

I am launching the UiRobot manually and process not using Orchestrator.

Any ideas what is wrong wih this process?

Hi @NikitaSolodovnikov,
Are you able to check same workflow on other computer and eventually on newer version of Studio?