Problem with ocr fiels seperation

Hi all,
i am facing a problem with ocr and not able to solve it please help

1.i have a image,in which data is seperated by tab,when i use the ocr the tab is converted to space .so all the fields are merging

eg in image “sai sashank”“new orelands” is converted to “sai sashank”“new orelands”

so the result comming as “sai sashank new orelands” so not able to differentiate the fields name and place

i am not able to resolve this issue from long time please help


i didn’t quite fully understand. so your problem is that the tab is being replaced by a space? the double quotes are also removed ?

i am attaching the image and extracted text please have alook

Processing: 1.txt…

the output is as follows
1 Charlis i Griinway, Jr 5341 Se 6701 Holly Hill FL 51592
5508611079 US FEMALETuesday, April 03, 1962 178 165 3+ Charles E
Greenway. Jr Tom gilligan East ProvidenceRI 19878 US 8045993390 YES NO NO
YES YES RnM-094_174 Tuesday, April 03, 1962 $250.00 Charles E
Greenway, Jr GEOFF GAJILAN JR BaX_01aCm-2906 Tuesday, April 03, 1962 FEMALE
Other VALIUMZ MG 90’ $1.72 $155.00 $20.00 $175.00 Not Available

in The image the text is seperated by tab for each field but after ocr the extracted text doesnot have a seperater


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Did we try with different ocr engines

Try with Omnipage ocr

For that go to design tab → Manage Packages-> all Packages and search for omnipage
And install it

Cheers @Sashank1_Sai

tried with omnipage ocr also but getting the same result