Problem with Object Reposity


I have created 2 Object Repositories for SAP elements.
My OR items for the PA20 SAP transaction appear to be working well:

However, my PA30 SAP transaction OR items don’t seem to work:

For all of my PA30 items, the ‘Edit Application Descriptor’ button has been replaced by ‘Edit’. When I click it, nothing happens.

Both PA20 and PA30 OR items were created the exact same way, in the same SAP application on the same VM.
Does anyone know what could be the problem? I cannot use any of my PA30 application in Studio.

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Hey @Clintonnn

What do you mean by OR items here, please ?



It seems as though there was some kind of error with the OR Library itself, where most of the OR items had somehow become unusable. I’m not sure how this has occurred, could be a bug, more than likely it is user error :slight_smile:
My Studio specs are:
Studio 2020.10.13 (old version I know, but due to organisational limitations, we are unable to update beyond this version at the moment).
Package details:


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