Problem with List of Strings als Argument

In my process I want to read several entries from a Mail into a List of Strings. Later, in another Worksheet/Sequence I want to fill a programm with each of these Strings.
The List of String on my mainsheet looks good, but in the other sheet my programm only start with the last of the Strings.

In my Sheet1 I am looking for the entries in a mail (here 3 entries = 2100; 2011; 2008
image image
image image image
image image

In my Sheet2 the Programm should be start with the strings:

image image
But it only starts with the last entry (2008) instead of 2100.

I don’t know why. Do have an idea what’s wrong?

it looks like following is doing the break:

here for every loop the list will freshly initialized and this overwrite the list from previous run.

Init the List before (e.g. on top of xaml, on default value) the for each and try again. In such scenario a debug and value inspection is helping to find the code breaking parts

have a look here:

i guess the type argument should be String as well

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thank you very much - it’s solved.

I put the assign-activity at the top of the xaml.

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