Problem with Internet Explorer (Unattended) not load anywhere page



I’m having problems with unattended robot (before it worked correctly), when the user Windows is blocked the web not load it goes blank until I unblock user Windows and so that failed process. Windows was recently updated

If I execute process with user unblock the process works correctly. I have try with others Webs (Google, yahoo, etc).

Windows 7
UiPath version: 2018.1.1
IE version: 11.0.56


Just to confirm, Are you saying that the robot is not loading when the system is locked?

Rammohan B.



I’m sorry, I didn’t explain myself well. The web is not loading, stays white until the user unlocks.

I recorded an execution and until Windows is unlocked the web remains blank so it returns timeout in the elements.



Basically attended bots doesn’t work while the system is locked. I believe you need to configure your robot as ‘Unattended’ robot to run it even when the system is locked.

Do you have the license of you are using community edition?

Rammohan B.


The robot is unattended and we using license enterprise. The robot with the system unlock works but with system lock the robot it is not works.