Problem with index on dynamic selector

I did something similar. Although the dt that is extracted is not a true datatable, I was able to determine the number of times the word “Download” appeared using Match. For each single “Download” view, the table showed 2 so it is a 2 to 1 relationship so I divided by 2 and got the number of “rows” the bot would need to get a download from.

I then had a counter run through a get attribute looking for the idx of each of the items according to the number of times “Download” appeared and allowed the counter to run in a while loop to get idx numbers until it exhausted my number created from the Match activity. I then had the idx numbers and I used them in yet another loop to replace the idx number in the dynamic selector. The idx actually had no set pattern of incrementing that I could find and I am sure it is based upon the way the “table” appears on the UI. It is most likely the result of some underlying table merges in the application.

However, having the while loop with get attribute retrieve the idx numbers was successful and then using a separate loop to exhaust all identified idx numbers for the Download hyperlink allowed the bot to click on each row.