Problem with "GetPassword"

Hi, there,

I am getting Cryptographic Exception of GetPassword activity (to login a web page) every time when I try to copy and run a program (which was programmed, tested and run successfully on computer A) on computers B and vice-versa.

I used Web Record to create GetPassword and TypeInto and have also compared the details of both activities on both computers A & B. They appear exactly the same.

I am wondering if the result of Web Rerecord is computer-dependent and cannot be applied to others.

Thanks in advance. :pray::pray:

Hey @GhostBuster

Have you tried using the secure string?


I am not sure. It was created automatically by web recording.
May I know how to confirm this?

Hi @GhostBuster
Check this in result based on string

Ashwin S

Hi, @Lahiru.Fernando,

Thank you for your reply.

I gave a try using “secureString” for the variable “Password” and was prompted a compiler error of “SecureString cannot be converted to String”.

The Get Password activity encrypts the password on only that computer and user. So when you try to run it on another computer or user, it can’t decrypt the password. Meaning that activity will only work on one user on one machine. You can retype the password each time you move it to another machine or user though.

Ideally, you would use the Asset activities to Get Credentials. Or use an Input Dialog to get input for the password for Attended use.

Hopefully that helps.


HI, @ClaytonM,

Thank you for your valued advice.
I managed to create the Asset in both Orchestrator and Studio and use Get Credentials.
Now my question is how to assign the password in Secure String type to a normal String type box in the web page?


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Hey no problem
Use the TypeInto Secure activity for passwords.

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