Problem with Flexicapture Activity in UiPath


I have created a fcdot file for a particular vendor (eg: abc using a single invoice.

When i use the fcdot file in UiPaths Process Document activity under the Flexicapture Activities package to process an invoice of abc, I get an error stating No Elements were Matched… Argumentexception.

I get this error whenever I use invoices of the (abc other than the one I used to create my fcdot file.

When I use invoice which was used to create my fcdot file as an input to the process document activity, the program works perfectly fine.

I want UiPath to process every invoice of abc which I provide as an input to the Process Document activity.

Please resolve my issue since I am nearing the deadline for the POC.

Hi Apoorv,

Hope you have resolved that error, Can you help me with that FCDot file. Please tell me from where I can create FCDot file? We already have Flexicapture Engine and Flexilayout studio, Administrator Station installed on the system.

Thanks in advance.

Hi guys,

I can help, you can contact me PM.


@Apoorv_Pandey Whether the orientation of the template u created and the input sample you passed were the same? If it is same, then is the PDF is of good quality.

Reason might be anyone of the above.

@manishtoself To answer your question,

  1. You need to first design the layout file(.afl) using Abbyy Flexilayout studio.
  2. With that .afl file you can create fcdot file using the Administration Station .

Hope you can understand now.

hey @apoorv how did you created a .fcdot file