Problem with Flexicapture Activity in UiPath




I have created a fcdot file for a particular vendor (eg: abc using a single invoice.

When i use the fcdot file in UiPaths Process Document activity under the Flexicapture Activities package to process an invoice of abc, I get an error stating No Elements were Matched… Argumentexception.

I get this error whenever I use invoices of the (abc other than the one I used to create my fcdot file.

When I use invoice which was used to create my fcdot file as an input to the process document activity, the program works perfectly fine.

I want UiPath to process every invoice of abc which I provide as an input to the Process Document activity.

Please resolve my issue since I am nearing the deadline for the POC.


Hi Apoorv,

Hope you have resolved that error, Can you help me with that FCDot file. Please tell me from where I can create FCDot file? We already have Flexicapture Engine and Flexilayout studio, Administrator Station installed on the system.

Thanks in advance.


Hi guys,

I can help, you can contact me PM.