Problem with extracting Values with Document Understanding

Hello everyone. I am trying to extract customer Data from a Form.
In the taxonomy manager i defined all the Variables like Name, Street, PostCode…
I definded Values like Name or Street as a Text. Now i am in the Validation Station and for these “text-values” i am just getting “yes” or “No”.
Values like Date and postcode are working. Telephone number also just giving yes or no.
Can u help me? :slight_smile:

Hi @tim.biester ,

Most probably the type used for those fields is a Boolean in the Taxonomy Manager and hence you get an Yes or No value.

The Values i selected Boolean look like this:

For name the Type ist Text. Im still getting yes or no…

@tim.biester ,

Maybe there is a Configuration mismatch in the Data Extraction Scope for these fields ?

Hi @tim.biester

May I know what is the Extractor being used.


I am Using Form Extractor.


Or do i have to put something special in here?

can you please try using Intelligent Form Extractor and check if you have the same issue.