Problem with Data Table variable. How many rows are supported?


I am using Generate Data Table activity in order to convert a text file with more than 5000 lines to nx1 data table variable, where n is the number of rows. These are the options selected in the regarding activity:

It generates correctly the first 100-150 rows of the data table but, I do not know why the resultant data table variable have only got this short number of rows. The rest 4,000/5,000 are not generated. Is that because of data table variable limitations? How many rows are supported?

Could anyone help me?

Thanks for all

Hello @ingegaizka,

it’s definitly not the limitation for DataTable object. The text that you’re providing - what is the separator? Is it TAB?



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if you can able to share or showing us the input text. that we can give you the solution. like what kind of separator you’re trying to extract. and you can also tell us the exact output like columns and rows.


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That’s the appearance of the DATA TABLE:

It is the same than the text file but in DATA TABLE. I do not know if it is what you need.

Newline separator is “newline” and Colunm Separator “tab”. But there is no tab so, it is only one column data table.

Hi! i can able to see your input. may i know your expected output?