Problem With Data Manipulation

PO_Table_Output.xlsx (10.1 KB)
PO_Table_Output.xlsx (9.8 KB) Main.xaml (40.8 KB) op.xlsx (8.8 KB) Main.xaml (40.8 KB) POP2.pdf (66.7 KB)

So here is the entire thing that I am trying to do:
Bot extracts from the pdf(POP2) and writes the required details in a structured format.
The expected output is in the excel file named(PO_TABLE_OUTPUT((1st one, 10.1kb))
But I am getting the output as in PO_TABLE_OUTPUT((2ND one, 9.8kb))
The difference is seen in the second sheet, Customer Name and Customer Address cell is coming blank.
The excel file (op.xlsx) is the format in which the pdf is getting extracted after data scraping. (not included in the workflow here, but from this format, after data manipulation, I am trying to achieve the desired output.)