Problem with CV Screen Scope

Hi I am building an automation where the robot clicks through my companies dialogs and prepares contracts to send them to our customers.
My problem is that at some point he doesnt recognize my dialogs even if they are completely the same but with some different contact data (because they are different customers).
In the error message he says that there is the correct dialog with a 97% accuracy but it still doesnt work.

Is there a way to change the tolerance of the screening? Or do you have any other ideas how I could fix that?
Thanks for your help


Implement Retry mechanisms

Put anchors to identify the target element

Increase delay

Can you specify how I would build a retry mechanic?

I have always set anchors.

How does increasing the delay help?

Here’s a good tutorial that once helped me as well, if you want to try with retry scope:

It’s old but still pretty much relevant.

Do you have any chance of creating dynamic selectors? Can you possibly give us more information about the selectors? Maybe you can put the contact data into the selector dynamically by using it as variables?