Problem with copying flows from one main to another

Hi there i am copying my flows from one main to another main in a different folder but the images for icons are not visible. a little help please

Copy from the Initial Project the Screenshot Folder to your Second Project. And Check the removed unused Screenshot button function in your Second Project. So Close and reopen the xaml with the Missing images

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thankyou it worked one more thing the variables in the flow have not been copied or imported when copying main from one flow to another please help i am new at this

i have searched but it says that you need to create a invoke workflow activity for it

I didnt get you in all. But please dont Mix Up Arguments and variables.
Can you please elaborate more on your issue?

i solved that i am only facing this issue:

startdate=Convert.ToDateTime(row.Item(0).ToString) i did this to capture dates from my table but its saying ToDateTime is not a member of date however the variable startdate is of type Date/Time