Problem with copying column to another excel file StudioX

Hello all,

I would appreciate help with this problem:

I need to copy columns from another excel files (multiple files) and copy it to the reporting file (one file). I have problem with figuring out how to copy a multiple ranges and paste it always to the last row in reporting excel. Now I have managed to copy the column in the same place, not next free row.

I also tried to copy range to clipboard and write cell from clipboard to last row, but it pasted the range is one cell not in difference rows.

I am a new user, so I am not able to attach files. Thank you!

did u try Append Range activity

Dear Naveen,

Thank you for the answer. I tried the Append Range activity, but it will paste figures in the same rows. It doesn’t pate those figures to the next free space.

Hi @Carita_a_Maatta,

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With the append range activity, you can collect the data you read in the same column names in an excel. However, I think your report columns are also dynamic.For this reason, you may not get the results you want.

To express this better, you can share cross-sectional images from your flow or input output data.