Problem with context menu in studiox

in activities
When I’ trying to choose method -for example - Excel for each Row in methods i have issue when context menu isn’t working properly - afrer choosing sheet i can’t select range - after moving mouse on right , method disappears - I must move mouse up and down and sometimes i can choose proper method.
I have this issue in all studiox -
is there hotfix?
I have WIn 10

Hi @dbzubal

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Could you share your version of Studio with us?
Also, if you go to the Package Manager, you will get a chance to update the packages to the newest available versions. This can often solve the issue, if it was spotted by someone in the past.

If it did not, we would appreciate a small video or some screenshots of the issue, this would allow us to quickly reproduce it and work on a fix :slight_smile:


Not sure that I understand your issue so if possible could you record a small video of it and upload it here :slight_smile:


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