Problem with Citrix extensions with Community edition

Hi Team,

I am trying to

ccess a citrix machine. It is working from a different developer machine, but from my machine I am getting the error.
Where as it is working fine from other test machine.
Can you please help on this.
The error and UI packages are described in attached document.

Can you check the versions in both the machines @sakshipabreja1? Seems it is a version issue

Thanks Hareesh. I am not able to check the version these machine. On the machine it is working we have Enterprise license and on my machine I have Community edition.

Kindly have a view on this thread

we can check the package version in the Design tab -> Manage Packages -> Project Dependencies and there we can search for the activity package

hope this would help you
Cheers @sakshipabreja1

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Thanks for the information. The packages details displayed in project dependencies are same on both these machines.