Problem with Citritx Automation

Dear community,

we are facing a issue with a process we have normally running in a citrix enviroment.

On the citrix enviroment we have the current remote runtime.msi installed and the process has been working.

But suddenly the our Studio is not able recognize most of the selectors in the citrix enviroment, do you have an idea where the might come from?

We do not receive any error message and remote runtime seems to be working fine.

Thanks and best regards


Hi Marten any other details that you can share? I’m curious if there were any recent changes or updates to the Citrix Server (OS updates, Citrix Updates, etc.)

Can you also share which version of the studio, UI activity pack and remote runtime you are running?


Do you have installed the critix receiver and then the Citrix extension from Uipath?


So currently we are using remote runtime with 21.10.05.

Generally the communication between Citrix and the studio is working.

For example on the normal Windows desktop we can select any selector but in one program it does not work.

We are only able to select the complete screen but not the elements in the window of this program.

The program was updated a couple of weeks ago since then the process stopped working, but visually everything looks the same… They did update . net framework to 4.8

Thanks for the feedback. I’m assuming you’re using the modern design experience. Have you tried to see if the issue is replicated using the classic activity pack? You can enable the classic activities in the project by modifying the filter on the activities pannel.

@LogisticsRPA Did you change anything recently in the studio

Thanks for your support! we did not try this yet

we are using the classic design expirience, now I did try modern and then again classic both with the same result.

We still have the same issue. Do you have any other idea?

Two things I would try. on the Citrix server end the sessions and confirm the application is closed. I would then restart the remote runtime service and confirm its running.

I would also recommend using UIAutomation Activity = 20.10.6 if not already.

@LogisticsRPA Please restart the servers (Citrix and your local server) and check once

In this one I can not select single elements but only the complete box

Both of these images are one screen in the program

in this one I can select all elements

Both of the images are basically one screen in the program

I did downgrade to 20.10.6

Looks like the remote runtime and the Citrix extension are communicating/functioning correctly. I would look at potentially using Active Accessibility for the UI Framework. It can be set when using the UI Explorer or at the time of indicating the object. If that doesn’t work you might have to image click if it can’t detect the object natively.