Problem with chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions


I have some problems with chrome and Edge extension.
I have the community version 2020.8.0 that will become licenced as soon as uipath will answer me, I downloaded it through orchestrator Cloud (licensed).

In the meantime, I went ahead with the work.
I wanted to download two Chrome and Edge extensions.

From the image you can see that I haven’t the Setup → Setup Extensions section, why?

Is there an alternative way to download the extensions?

I tried to download Chrome from this link: UiPath - Chrome Web Store once everything is enabled, I closed the browser and started again uipath studio can’t spy on me anyway.

I don’t understand why following this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\studio can’t find anything, why?

Thanks for your availability

go to Home select tools and check the right side extensions list

I solved it following your instruction.
Now both Chrome and Edge work.
I had to install the extension via Uipath Studio.