Problem with Automation


I’m quite new to the product, so would love if someone more experienced can guide my through this process. I’ve done the tutorial, but I want to make sure that I’m doing it right.

I have 3 Movie goers who want to see a movie. they each have 2 different genres they like, and 3 movies in these genres.

How can I propose 3 movies while using this information.
I want to connect it to IMDB (it’s amazon and open source right)
probably rotten tomatoes would be a good idea?
Can I connect it to facebook and check for what type of movies they like?

Thank you, and hope u can help me.
Would u also suggest Studio or StudioX?

I don’t mind learning the coding - but in this case what would be easiest?

Hi @AdrianSa,

Welcome to the community.

You can make a workflow or sequence that gets the users input (either through an input dialog or an input file of some sort), open a browser and navigate to iMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, and search the inputted films/genres.

You can then extract data (using the extract data wizard or make your own sequence e of activities) from the webpage and feed it into an excel file which serves as an output.

Hope this helps.