Problem with Automating Folder Navigation in my software

I am a new user and using the Trial version of Uipath Studio ( enterprise). I am trying to automate a sequence of clicks in one of my internal software.

Here are the steps I do in today’s practice which I am trying to automate through Uipath Studio ( Sequence).

Step1 : Open the Software
Step2: I go to main menu and “Open File” from the main menu
Step3: Windows Explorer opens with the folder Tree structure
Step4: I click on Folder 1 > Expand the Folder 1 > Expand the Sub Folder under Folder 1 (Lets Say Folder 1.1) > and then continue to do the navigation until I reach sub folders.
Step5: I open chart file from the folder
Step6: Now the Tree view is expanded until
Step7: I close the software and reopen the software.
Step8: My software now remembers ( by design) the last subfolder I opened and the navigation is already at the

What happened when I try to automate this sequence in Uipath?

I tried to automate the sequence using “Double click” activity. The activity fails to executed the step1. When it executed step2, it failed as the folder was already open in the tree view by default software behavior.

Am I missing anything?

Trying to answer out of what I understood. Let me know if my understanding is wrong.

Rather than using double click to start your application, you can use Open Application activity. This reduces dependency on the way the application icon looks when selected and not selected. I guess that could be your problem.

To avoid this failure, always ensure that the application is brought to the initial state before it is closed. This way when step 2 executes it works the same way every time -

Hi, thanks for the response. Obviously bringing the application back to default view before closing is an option. but this puts limitation on user behavior. Is there something that I can do to avoid putting limitation on the user behavior?

Can you explain what you mean by limitations on user behavior?

I am referring to how the users have been using the software. I was able to change the cofig file within my software to get rid of this situation. thanks

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