Problem with automatic downloads in chrome incognito

Problem with automatic downloads in chrome incognito. since the latest version of chrome it is not possible to automatically download files 119. Does anyone know how to solve this problem so that the files are automatically downloaded?

Try these:

  • Upgrade your browser to latest version
  • In your UiPath project upgrade the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities to 23.10.3
  • Open the UiPath browser extension, enable it if is not enabled yet, enable the Allow in incognito and Allow access to file URLs

  • Use the Wait for Download activity and inside it add the Click activity.

Anyone figured out how to solve this problem?

I found a link about a bug in incognito mode on chrome webdriver, even if we try to download something in the browser manually in incognito mode the download prompt will appear.

This is the bug link: