Problem with arguments between workflows

Hii all,

Iam able to read the unitCode from the first WF, but it is not passing it to the main or to the second WF. what am I doing wrong here?

The Main Workflow is:

WF1 arguments:

WF2 arguments:

First Workflow:

Second Workflow:

When the control is still within WF1, unitCode has value

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Buddy @sawaseem

The issue is this buddy

  1. Buddy usually when we try to send a value from one workflow to another workflow we use argument and it should be of type OUT. but here you are trying to pass the variable unicode, rather to a argument and we cannot pass a variable to another workflow
    you got that value unicode assigned to a out_unicode argument with direction out
    here you are passing the variable unicode rather to a out_unicode argument, which should be passed actually

that is what the error is buddy
Cheers @sawaseem