Problem with Append Range

Okey, here is another problem and question that I want to do. I have 2 excels, the first one is where the info is recolected, and the second one where the info is pasted, but I have a problem.

I have an excel environment with an append range but when the info is pasted it’s pasted under the info and at the start (in the photo are explained). I want that to paste the info under the header, not at the end and starting at column G.

My code is simple
2022-02-02 12_50_29-490698062 - AnyDesk

Use write range for to paste instaed of use append range.

I suppose F1 is your highlited cell from where you want to paste your data.


Append Range always start from the end of the rows

For your case you can try with Write Range as @Sagar_Gupta1 suggested

With write Range activity you can always set the Range to write

Hope this will help you


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Thanks works fine, nice help

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