Problem with activites , can't find activity "image exists" in list, and i added the package

hello everyOne,when i using image processing for images ,i can’t find activity named “image exists” in list,and then I try to fit it , from "package manage " panel , I installed new image proccessing package named"UiPath ImageProcessing ",but failed ,
how can id using this activity in my works?

Hi @gundam-ace

How about clicking the filter icon and then enable the classic experience it will appear there


tks bro,in the begin i think about it that perhaps i had folded the list ,but i’ve check this point , and i tryed some way to solve it but failed ,maybe i should uninstall and download a new one :joy:

i’ve expanded the items ,no filter there :smiling_face_with_tear:


In the new activities image exists is combined with check app state activity…in that please select the target method as image and indicate the image you need to search


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tks bro!
it works! :partying_face:

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