Problem with a setup in config file in Advanced training Assignment no. 1

I dont understand how to setup config.xlsx file in this lesson.

Where should I fill the fields “username” and “password” in config file?
And how to extract this values into framework ?

username and password is stored in Orchestrator when you create the asset in Orchestrator.
To extract this values into framework, invoke “Framework\GetAppCredentials.xaml” and for input parameter in_Credential pass in the asset name you created in orchestrator. And this will return as parameter out_username and out_password which is the retrieved username and password from the asset you created in orchestrator.

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Thank you!
But what should i specify in “value” in GetAppCredentials ? Name of Asset “System1_Credential” doesnt match.

Can you answer me?

Value would be the asset name you specified in config file. e.g. in_config(“assetname”).toString
Hope this helps. thanks.


You should get credentials from Assets in the orchestrator not from the config file in this particular scenario

Thanks Prankurjoshi, I am also facing the same problem with in_config(assetname). It shows the compiler error and in_config has to be declared…but why is that not supposed to get credential from config file.

you can get credentials from the Config file as well but fetching them from Orchestrator would be more secure

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@PrankurJoshi How can we fix this compiler error “in_config” is not declared?

You must use Data\Config.xlsx if you are already doing so the error means that you are not passing Config variable in workflow as IN argument like this -

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