Problem while applying Matches activity on a text

Hello everyone,

Here’s my process :

  1. I read a Word text (~30 pages) with Word pplication scope + Read text activity.
  2. Then, I use Matches activity to get only word in the text that matches [NY_(\w+)] (the regex works very well).

Uipath displays me this message even if regex is working and get all words correctly :

Could not retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process.

I’ve done some research, even on rare post uipaths users that talk about it, but nothing that could help me except one thing: This message occurs when the Matches activity uses an output argument instead of a variable.

Only, as I split my process into several small sequences, I would have liked to be able to do the same with this processing and take this list out of the sequence. How can I do this?

Also, I would have liked to filter out duplicates from my list (Matches has for output an IENumerable) but I couldn’t find any VBA function that can do it (.Distinct() doesn’t work). If you have some tips for this it would be nice.