Problem when testing Process list


I’m trying to test this new feature but both with Chrome and Edge I got this problem when clicking on LIST Process button on : “It looks like you don’t have the Robot Add-on installed go to the download page to get it.” But the page says also : "You already have the JS Add-On! "

Is there something wrong in my configuration ?

Note : the grant access popup is working fine

Thanks for your help !

Hey @DGallet!

Are you using Community or Enterprise? Where you using the private preview (Robot.js was formally known as Browser Embedding)? Can you see available processes in your Agent Desktop/Tray?

I’m using Enterprise, and I can see the process list in the tray.

Can you confirm what version of the JS Add-on you’re using? The Public Preview version is or later. You can check this by going to Start > Settings > Apps.

If you aren’t using this version you can get the latest from UiPathRobot.js | Download
Note: please fully uninstall any old version before trying to install a new one.

Thanks :mask:

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